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From a history dating back hundreds of years to modern shopping centres displaying the latest in electronics and couture, and a lifestyle suspended somewhere in between, sightseeing in Chiang Mai is a feast for the senses, and I mean all six of them. Whether you come under the Marco Polo club of traveller or the Phileas Fogg variety, Chiang Mai will get under your skin in a pleasant sort of way. You simply can't escape it.

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Chiang Mai - Wat Doi Suthep (Stations in the Life of Budha)

Wat Doi Suthep

Last Updated: 20 May 2008

Wat Doi Suthep is one of the most famous Buddhist shrines around Chiang Mai and for many, it is a highlight of any visit to the region. On a clear day, the view across Chiang Mai City and the river Ping valley is unsurpassed and at the same time, the gleaming golden chedi of the temple can ... read more.

Chiang Mai - Wat Doi Suthep Viewpoint

Doi Suthep National Park

Last Updated: 20 May 2008

Location: Doi Suthep
Doi Suthep National Park was declared in 1981 but it is fighting to survive in the face of increasing urban sprawl from Chiang Mai, the continuing presence of hundreds of hilltribe families living within its boundaries, and the encroachment of luxury holiday retreats. Luckily, a residents a... read more.

Old City of Chiang Mai

Last Updated: 26 Mar 2008

Location: Chiang Mai Old City
King Mengrai founded Chiang Mai at the location of a small Lawa settlement known as Wiang Nophaburi. The site lay between the river to the east and Doi Suthep mountain to the west. The proximity of the river was favorable to trade as well as political control of the area. Free from flooding, the site also had a... read more.

Chiang Mai temples

Buddhist Temples in Chiang Mai

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008

Chiang Mai city has over 36 active temples most of which are tranquil and beautiful places of meditation for the thousands of monks and novices that are ordained. Most temples are social centers for various small villages that still exist within the city. Many are very impressive and well w... read more.

Mae Sa Craft Village

Last Updated: 03 Oct 2007

The Mae-Sa Valley provides lazy days of quiet relaxation, plus the chances to explore unique attractions.... read more.

Wat Umong

Last Updated: 03 Oct 2007

Located in a grove, Wat Umong (Tunnel Temple) is a practicing meditation temple. The origins of the temple, which are traced to the 14th century, are obscure. The temple may have been founded by King Mengrai himself to accommodate some forest monks from Sri Lanka.... read more.

Chiang Mai National Museum

Last Updated: 03 Oct 2007

The National Museum in Chiang Mai has recently been renovated to provide an up-to-date and modern showcase for the heritage of Lanna.... read more.

Wat Suan Dork

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007

Wat Suan Dork originally lay in a fortified square beyond the city walls. Legends tell that King Ku Na invited the venerable Sumana Thera, a very pious monk from Sukhothai to bring the Buddhism of Sri Lanka to Chiang Mai. The King offered him the royal flower garden (Suan Dork) as a place to build a temple. The... read more.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007

Doi Inthanon National Park is home to Thailand's highest peak, Mt. Doi Inthanon, which climbs to more than 2,500 meters and offers superb views as well as stunning waterfalls and entertaining birdwatching.... read more.

Mae Sa Valley

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007

The entrance to the Mae Sa Valley is only thirteen kilometers north of Chiang Mai City.... read more.

Wat Phra Singh

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007

Construction of Wat Phra Singh was begun under the supervision of King Pha Vu in 1345, but all the buildings today date from the nineteenth century and much restoration work is of a very recent date.... read more.

Wat Jet Yod

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007

King Tilokarat built Wat Jet Yod in 1477 when he hosted the Eighth World Buddhist Council which was convened to purify the scriptures and to revise the Tripitaka (the Buddhist canon and teachings) - the results of the conference have unfortunately been lost. A visit is a must for all Buddhists who come to Chian... read more.

Wat Chiang Man

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007

Located in the northeast corner of the old city (within the moat) this is the oldest wat in Chiang Mai. Built in 1296, by King Mengrai, Wat Chiang Man originally served as his home but is now inhabited solely by monks.... read more.

Wat Chedi Luang

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007

King Saen Muang Ma began building the Phra Chedi Luang to enshrine the relics of his father at the end of the 14th century, but King Tilokarat completed it.... read more.

Kavila Monument

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007

Kavila, a son of the ruler of Lampang, joined with the King of Siam to fight against the Burmese and in 1775 drove them from the city of Chiang Mai and most of the other cities in the Kingdom of Lanna. It was, however twenty-nine years before the last of the Burmese were expelled from the country.... read more.