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Originating strictly as a religious form, traditional Thai art is often associated with Buddhism and the sangha - the community.

Simply put, the art commonly told stories of the era involving every day village scenes and survives mostly in mural form, with a distinctive style for characters and use of colours. These charming displays of ancient Lanna life can be best seen at Wat Chiang Man, and Wats Lai Kham and Prasat - both near Wat Phra Sing.

Another distinctive art form in Thailand is the relief, intricately carved from wood to produce impressive three-dimensional detail. The Thai are exceptionally gifted at this and pieces, large and small, as well as wooden filigree and other carved art forms are seen in abundance at Baan Tawai craft village.

Thai art books

There are some good books on sale, such as William Warren and Ping Amranand's Lanna Style: Art & Design of Northern Thailand, which is a well illustrated coffee table book introducing the complexities of the form.

Last Updated: 02 Oct 2007