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Chiang Mai Nightlife | Bars and Thai girls in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai by Night

In Chiang Mai, you can find a scene to suit every taste. Sophisticated late night discos like Bubbles at the Mae Ping Hotel compete with lower priced alternatives such as the A Go-Go bars with Thai Girls dancing for you.

Chiang Mai is very safe. The only common danger on the streets late at night is falling over a Honda Dream parked on the sidewalk when you've had a few. Rip-offs in clubs, Patpong style, are rare indeed and the Tourist Police are there to look after you, not persecute you.

Live Music

Live music is a continuous theme of Chiang Mai's diverse and thriving night world. From blues to C and W, vintage pop to reggae there's a live band in virtually every pub, club and restaurant.

The pubs offer full menus with Northern and Central Thai cuisine as well as Western dishes; thus they serve as lively venues for dinner and are often crowded. Thais love it loud so don't expect too much conversation unless you are able to lip-read.

Karaoke Bars

In Chiang Mai is definitely no shortage of karaoke bars, but be aware of the different slant that Thailand has given to this theme. With an excess of lovely ladies here in the Land of Smiles, you choose one of them to do your singing for you!


Educated Thais increasingly prefer to watch English 'soundtrack' movies rather than versions dubbed into Thai. Foreign visitors might like to sample a film from the Thai movie industry, which has produced some memorable footage over the years.

Modern air-con Vista cinemas run choices of bang-up-to-date films in English and there are regular Western and Asian shows at the giant KAD Theatre which sits atop the massive Central Shopping Mall in Huay Kaew Road.

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008

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Chiang Mai by Night
Chiang Mai by Night
Chiang Mai by Night
Chiang Mai by Night