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Eat a bowl of Tom Yum Gung, grow a lucky bamboo, hang a red lantern and you feel, "Oh yeah! I know the Orient." Well, you don't, not by a long shot. You might see the world in a grain of sand, but my friend, you really can't see the Orient in a bowl of soup. You have to be there, to breathe in the fragrances and aroma, to listen to exotic voices and sounds, to taste the flavours, to sense the rhythm, and feel the difference. So welcome to Chiang Mai, Oh weary traveller, and let's see what this historic, elegant beauty has in store for you.

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National public holidays of Thailand in 2014

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2014

In Thailand, national holidays that fall on a weekend are generally taken as holidays on the following Monday. Chinese New Year (the new Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival) in February is not an official holiday.... read more.

Chiang Mai - Wat Bupparam

Chiang Mai - Gateway to the North

Last Updated: 06 Jan 2008

Several hundred kilometers northwest of Bangkok and serviced by air, road and rail, Chiang Mai is the gateway to the northern provinces of Thailand. Would-be explorers to the region are delighted with the prospects of visiting hill tribe villages and hunting for handicrafts among the vast s... read more.