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May be it's the endless amount of stuff, the ridiculously low prices, the colourful assortment you've never ever seen before, or it could be the emotional high that hits you when you're on vacation that finds an outlet in a wild shopping spree. Whatever the reason, chances are you'll pack an extra piece of luggage with all the must-have knick knacks you accumulated while on your trip.

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Chiang Mai - Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Handmade Umbrellas

Last Updated: 20 May 2008

The famous umbrella making center at Bor Sang outside of Chiang Mai is a must-see for every visitor of the region.... read more.

Shopping in Chiang Mai

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2008

Chiang Mai is, quite simply, Thailand's major center for quality handicrafts. The visitor need merely visit the nearest city emporium or night market to purchase an extraordinary variety of antiques, silver jewelry, hilltribe opium pipes and embroidery, Thai silks and cottons, basketry, celadon, silverware, fur... read more.

Chiang Mai - Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Where to Shop

Last Updated: 22 Jan 2008

A major advantage of shopping in Chiang Mai is that the visitor may watch artisans working within the city and in several outlying villages, particularly along the Bor Sang San Kamphaeng road where, in genuine cottage industries, parasols, silk and cotton weaving, jewelry, woodcarving, silv... read more.

Thai Orchids

Last Updated: 01 Oct 2007

If you have the chance to visit Thailand, the beguiling orchid with is myriad forms is one aspect of the Orient's exotic charm not to be missed, and never to be forgotten.... read more.

Thai Silk

Last Updated: 01 Oct 2007

Even with modern technology, Chiang Mai silk remains a timeless expression of the craftsman's skill.... read more.

Handwoven Fabrics

Last Updated: 01 Oct 2007

In the past, weaving was a most important skill for Thai women. Plain designs were for daily use, while those woven for rituals or ceremonies were elaborate. In the north, cotton was woven by the Tai Yuan and Tai Leu, and silk was woven by the Lao. Thus silk usually had to be imported some distance and only hig... read more.

Furniture and Woodcarving

Last Updated: 01 Oct 2007

This art form in Thailand originated from the temples where religious objects such as Buddha images and pulpits were finely carved. Royal regalia for the court and household objects used by the nobility were also decorated with carving in temple buildings, the doors, shutters, gables and triangular brackets sup... read more.


Last Updated: 01 Oct 2007

In the north of Thailand, silverware goes back at least to the time of King Mengrai, who imported artisans from Burma. Chiang Saen period silverware has been found in burial mounds.... read more.


Last Updated: 01 Oct 2007

The finest Pottery of the region is known as celadon, which has a distinctive glaze made with wood ash. The technique of producing these wares involves applying the glaze before a second high temperature firing (1260 C in a reduced atmosphere of carbon dioxide). It was developed in China at least 2000 years ag... read more.


Last Updated: 01 Oct 2007

Lacquerware was originally used to provide a silky weather-proof finish that would preserve the life of an artifact. As lacquer provided a base for gilding and glass or pearl inlay, it was widely used for decoration in temples.... read more.

Hilltribe Handicrafts

Last Updated: 01 Oct 2007

The hill tribes are famous for their bright costumes and jewelry, but other artifacts such as pipes, knives, basketry and musical instruments also make desirable souvenirs.... read more.