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Chiang Mai Transport | Renting a Vehicle for Tours and Trips

The most commonly available vehicle for rent that is suitable for dirt roads (4WD) as well as highways is the Suzuki "Caribian". These "jeeps" comfortably sit four and have high clearance as well as four-wheel drive. Even on dirt roads four-wheel drive is seldom necessary, but dirt roads in the mountains are too rough for ordinary sedan cars. If you hire a Suzuki Caribian be careful on downhill corners as their high center of gravity can make them unstable.

If you do not plan to go on any dirt roads, then you may wish to hire a small sedan car which offers better fuel consumption than the jeeps. For just running around town the best vehicle to hire is a Honda "Dream" motorcycle, or a bicycle.

Several companies with cars and bikes for rent at reasonable rates are located on Moon Muang Road. Current rates for single day hire of a vehicle ore THB 800 to THB 1,000 per day. Rates may be reduced if you hire for longer periods.

When you hire a vehicle, you will need to show your passport and a valid driving license (for cars). All hire company cars are covered by third-party insurance by law, but special arrangements are usually needed to upgrade to full cover (recommended).

Last Updated: 03 Oct 2007