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They might not bend it like Beckam here in Chiang Mai, but they sure play a mean game of badminton, squash, tennis and a variety of other games and exciting sport. You can play the game you've always played or learn a new one you've never heard of. So put on your sports shoes and away we go.

Elephant Conservation Centre Chiang Mai



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And this is how I pull logs
And this is how i push logs a bit faster in the jungle
And this is how i push logs in the jungle
... and T-4
The Elephant Conservation Centre Chiang Mai is located along the Chiang Mai-Lampang Highway, around Km 28-29. This makes it easily accessible in a daytrip from Chiang Mai for an exciting elephant trekking tour or just an hour of riding on the back of a Thai elephant.

Elephant Trekking In Chiang Mai



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Elephant Excrement
On elephant back near Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Elephant Trekking
Local Thais watching us elephant riders
Elephant trekking is one of the activities you cannot do at home -- but around Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, there are numerous camps where Thai elephants are used for trekking tours. Many of them are located towards the mountains, another famous one is the Chiang Mai Elephant Conservat