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Overview of Kao Mai Lanna Resort

The Kao Mai Lanna Resort is perfect for true nature lovers seeking pleasure and relaxation. Nestled in a beautiful quiet park near Chiang Mai, with unique rooms converted from real tobacco curing barns the Kao Mai Lanna Resort brings you a fun filled peak into the tobaco industry of northern Thailand.

50 years ago the tabacco industry in northern Thailand reached its peak, the region was dotted with tobacco farms. As the tobacco fields turn to rice fields the structures that remaind captured the feel of the time and secured it to pass along to future visitirs. 18 old barns were converted to 36 lively guestrooms to form the Kao Mai Lanna Resort. Inside the barns you will find two story rooms decorated in different styles. All rooms are decorated with real Burmese antique furniture giving guests a glance back in time. Each room is also equipped with modern facilities including TV, Minibar and shower/bathtub.

The resort's grounds are covered in a dense crop of big tropical shady trees, in the garden you will find nirvana, and in the large swimming pool you can relax in the hot sun of the day.

Rooms of Kao Mai Lanna Resort

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THB 1,420 / night

THB 1,636 / night

THB 1,754 / night

THB 1,952 / night

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