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Overview of Muang Gudi Lodge

Come immerse yourself in the stunning architecture and awe inspiring spaces of the Muang Gudi Lodge. Located in beautiful Chiang Mai, the Muang Gudi Lodge is the result of the artistic synthesis of some of Thailand's foremost Ayudhaya and Sukhothai period architects. Located on a secluded strech of the world renouned, picturesque, Doi Mae Rim the Muang Gudi Lodge is one of Thailand's truly exquisite cultural experiences.

Weather you are looking for styunning achitecutre, a complete cultural experience, or just a fantastic hotel getaway, the Muang Gudi Lodge is perfect for you. With easy acess to some of the Doi Mae Rim's best known attractions such as the Butterfly Farm, Snake Farm, Elephant Camp, and the ever beautiful Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, the Muang Gudi Lodge has something for everyone. With a warm and friendly staff ready to treat you to the very best in Thai hospitality, your trip to the luxsurious Muang Gudi Lodge in Thailand's gorgeous Doi Mae Rim will be unforgetable.