Sukantara Cascade Resort


Sukantara Cascade Resort

Overview of Sukantara Cascade Resort

Sukantara had been named from two valued wordings that are Kantara meaning by mountain water cascades over boulders in the stream . Another wording is Su , which means by beautifully . These wording fulfill Sukantara has completely prided name.

Sukantara Resort lies on the sloping bank of a mountain stream in the verdant Chiangmai highland. Mountain water cascades over boulders in the stream, creating tiered waterfalls right below the Lanna-Balinese-style guest cottages, which are surrounded by breathtaking landscape. The resort offers the blissful experiences of close-to-nature living, that will remain a cherished memory for a lifetime.

Here is a relaxation to be enjoyed to the full. Lounging on the cottage veranda and be lulled by the sounds of bubbling water and wild bird calls from the jungle across the stream, enjoying traditional Thai massage by trained hill-tribe masseurs, hiking on mountain trails through the green jungle looking for wild orchids and exotic flowers, strolling around nearby hill-tribe village, or visiting tourism attractions: orchid farm, elephant school, scenic golf-courses, all within 15 minutes drive from the resort.

Rooms of Sukantara Cascade Resort

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THB 4,104 / night

THB 4,104 / night

THB 4,480 / night

THB 8,091 / night

THB 10,782 / night

THB 11,974 / night

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