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Overview of Touch Star Resort

High in the rolling hills of northern Thailand you will find the Touch Star Resort. The region abounds with natural and man-made waterways. As you marvel at the natural beauty of the landscape remember that this region contains innumerable opportunities to experience history. Within close proximity to the hotel visitors can find the local hill tribes (Mong) market, visit Mae-Jaem Shrine, see locally hand woven cotton fabrics that are still created as they were during World War II by the villagers at Baan Rai Pai-ngam. As if that were not enough visitors to this site may also gaze upon the beauty of Orb Luang, and see an ancient shipyard that conveyed timber logs, view the prehistoric drawings, and immerse yourself in the culture of different hill tribes.

As an evergreen forest that rises high above sea level Touch Star Resort offers a different climate. The exotic and fantastic flora and fauna found here are like nothing else in the world. The Touch Star Resort offers the perfect getaway for nature lovers and history lovers alike. The relaxing and serene climate and surroundings offer a unique getaway for those seeking serenity.